The Gym Killed My Wife! Part 4

How this will affect your club

If the courts find that Crunch and the trainer are negligent for not warning its members about the side-effects of certain supplements, and are responsible for engaging in “reckless” training practices, you had better prepare yourself for the litigation floodgates to open. This case has the potential of “raising the bar” on health club and personal trainer liability.

The Gym Killed My Wife! Part 3

Any guesses as to what percentage of the jury has tried to lose weight (unsuccessfully) or has spent a small fortune on diet plans and weight-loss schemes? Even if a prospective juror has been member of a health club, what are the chances that this person had a pleasant and satisfying experience at the club? Be honest now; what is our industry retention average?

The Gym Killed My Wife! Part 2

This case raises some very interesting questions and debates among attorneys, club owners and us insurance guys. Given the monetary demand by the husband, I fully expect the insurance company to fight this case and attempt to preserve the integrity of Crunch Fitness and its trainers. Some of the questions I think will be raised include the following:

The Gym Killed My Wife! Part 1

The high-profile Hanson vs. Crunch Fitness lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for every fitness club, diet center and trainer.

The club owner’s dreaded worst-case scenario has finally surfaced. The health club industry has been pulled into a high-profile lawsuit that could have far-reaching implications for every fitness club, diet center and personal trainer.

Strategy and Tactics in Tae Kwon Do, Part 2

Point #3 of overall strategy calls upon the use of a powerful kick to deliver the coup de grace to the opponent. I strongly recommend using great caution in this situation. The martial arts are subject to numerous laws governing adequate use of force. While the movies make a glamorous spectacle of some kicks, there is little effort to alert the viewer that such kicks can result in devastating injuries.

Strategy and Tactics in Tae Kwon Do, Part 1

In his seminal military treatise, On War, Carl von Clausewitz wrote that strategy is devised to achieve overall success before conflict begins, and tactics are what is actually employed to achieve success once an engagement has begun. It is necessary not only that you have an understanding of military techniques, but also that you know how best to use them and when.

There has Been so Much Debate over Spanking

Parents do agree that discipline is the key to well-mannered kids, and it teaches them rules to live by in our society. Spanking is a hard debate because there is a fine line between punishment and discipline. Discipline means “to teach,” while punishment means to punish for bad or “inappropriate” behavior. Sometimes parents get these two confused. Parents face serious consequences today if they go overboard with punishment, i.e., spanking.

I Cant Breathe!

Shortness of Breath

If you or someone you’ re with experiences a feeling of

breathlessness or labored breathing — even with little or no

Cervical Dysplasia Why is my PAP test abnormal?

You go for your regular PAP smear and are told the results were abnormal. Do you have cancer? No, you probably just have cervical dysplasia.

Battling Burnout. Part 2

4) Relax during the day. Don’t work through lunch. You need this break. Be sure to build some time into your busy schedule to unwind at the end of each day. A half hour of reading, soaking in a bubble bath or meditating can do wonders for your outlook on life.