How Should My Toddler Be Talking

Most babies begin to use a few sounds that mean something when they are in the neighborhood of 1 year old. But it is perfectly normal if your child waits a little longer than that. The atmosphere around babies and the way they are handled plays a big role in how they learn to communicate also. If parents are always silent when they do things for their child she will feel the lack of communication and not feel compelled to communicate herself. On the other hand, if a baby feels that adults are talking at her and bossing her to hard, she may act unresponsive whenever people are around. A baby has to have a desire to learn language and she won’t do that if she feels uncomfortable with the task at hand.

Reality Check

Barren’s family thought a move and a new school would solve her problems but they were wrong, very wrong.

Well Barren’s new living and schooling arrangements are working out so well aren’t they? Not exactly. It seems that there is a lot of misinformation amongst her multiple sets of parents and grandpa Michael about moving her to a different place and everything will be just fine.

Contrary to what her parents or grandparent believes drugs are EVERYWHERE. Just because BarrenĀ is living in the spacious Abbott mansion or going to a prestigious school does not mean that she is now protected or insulated from drugs or bad people. To the contrary it just means she has to find another supplier in her new surroundings and she may have already found one.

Getting Started The First Step is the Hardest

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