Access Travel for People With Special Needs 2

Additionally, here are a few hints to help you understand the questions.

1. Weight and height are necessary information in case there are no jetways to the aircraft and lift equipment is required.

2. Some disabilities may require approval of the carrier’s medical staff and/or a letter from the client’s doctor approving travel. This is particularly true for clients who require oxygen, clients who have mental disabilities, and clients with heart problems. Check with the airline for their requirements.

Access Travel for People With Special Needs 1

For some needs, the airline may refer the passenger to a special services agent for boarding permission. More severe handicaps may require a letter from a physician stating the passenger is fine for travel and that there is no danger to himself or other passengers. It is advisable for the traveler who cannot move on the plane without assistance be accompanied by an able-bodied companion.

Fancy Pants

I have some holiday cocktail parties coming up and I hate wearing skirts and dresses. How can I dress up pants — and what type of pants should I buy — for dressy holiday occasions? Any tips on accessories?