People Are The Most Important Asset Post 1

To achieve business excellence, a company must look beyond revenues, profits and dividends. In today’s competitive environment, the key to achieving quality is to maximize the potential of your organization’s people — transforming them from taskmasters to business partners.

Finding the Right Debt Level

I know it’s bad to have too high of an available credit limit, regardless of your actual debt. Everything I’ve read, though, has been pretty vague about exactly how much is too much. Is there any sort of formula, e.g., two months’ worth of net pay?

Create a Business

It is the earliest of all early adapters; it is the backbone of all new communications media, whenever they were new. Human paints on rock; human makes picture of boy and girl doing dirty stuff. Human invents movable type; human puts out small pamphlet about a poor, unsophisticated country girl who comes to the city and, forsooth, kind sir, you are unclothed!