Protect Small Fry From CT Scans

The Food and Drug Administration has issued new recommendations to reduce the risk of radiation exposure for children and small adults undergoing CT scanning.

The new guidelines call for: adjustments to the CT scanner based on the patient’s size, lowering the total number of scans, and using other diagnostic tools whenever possible.

People Are The Most Important Asset Post 4

The quality journey brought our people together in a way that was truly remarkable. We really are better now than we were at the start of the quality process. The company is more focused and better organized, people understand what they’re doing better and we’re able to attract a better quality of customer. Our customers are more pleased, and morale is up.

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These assessments were designed to help our people take ownership of finding process improvements. Techniques such as process mapping and customer scorecards pointed out where we could improve processes, cut costs and deliver better services.

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The Porter Model of strategic planning also was a catalyst for DCC’s awakening, identifying our strengths and vulnerabilities versus our competitors. The Porter Model which uses SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, enabled DCC’s senior management to identify an approach to providing value-added products and services to our customers. The strategic planning process also showed us how a knowledge-based customer focus could be a competitive advantage.