Garbage Post 1

Last night, my wonderful new garbage disposal barfed on me.
I was a mess. After all, I had been spat upon. I was outraged.

Woody Allen once did a comic monologue about his small appliances being Anti-Semitic. At first I decided to blame Arab terrorists, but it didn’t help. We are an interdenominational household. Likely my Insinkerator is not a bigot. But we’ve all been more than a bit raw at anything unexpected of late.

US House Unveils Bipartisan Bioterror Bill

The House could vote as soon as next week on a comprehensive, bipartisan bill aimed at improving the nation’s preparedness for biological or chemical attacks.

Bill Joy’s Mobile Office

Though America formally broke off with the queen more than 200 years ago, there’s still a spot in the United States where — for the tech world at least — a queen still reigns supreme. Nestled in the Rocky Mountain town of Aspen, Colo., a ski lift called the Silver Queen Gondola rises off Durant Street and hoists ski bums and ski bunnies 19 times daily to and from the 7,900-foot base of Aspen Mountain and its 11,200-foot summit.

Are Belgian Waffles Safe

A major food scare has broken out in Europe. The current crisis began two weeks ago when word got out that about 400 farms in Belgium had received supplies of animal feed contaminated with dioxin.