Homeopathic Education Post 1

Homeopathic education stands at the crossroads. How so? To explain what I am referring to it is important to spend a little time considering the immediate context. I will confine my remarks mainly to homeopathic education in the English-speaking world, since a broader survey would exceed the possibilities of a short paper. Having looked at the baseline, we will then proceed to suggest how homeopathic education should develop into the future.

Gene Mutation Linked to Inherited Deafness

A specific genetic mutation is the leading cause of congenital inherited deafness in the midwestern US, according to researchers.

Stretching Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

Principles for stretching:
Warm up 5 minutes before you stretch
Stretch before and after your workout
Avoid bouncy movements
Stretch your whole body with a variety of slow, gentle movements
Stretch till you feel tension, not pain
Hold the stretch a few seconds each
Repeat each stretch three or four times

Abbigail Brooke

When I was at about 28 weeks gestation the baby slowed her movement dramatically, when I noted it to the Dr. he decided to perform a Fetal Stress Test and the results were unsatisfactory, they performed a total biophysical profile on my baby and found something that concerned them about the blood flow to my baby, but didn’t exactly tell me what was going on. Just scared me half to death when he suggested that I go an hour and a half drive to another town to see a specialist because he thought there may be an interuption of the blood getting to my baby.

Garbage Post 2

“Cucumber peels. Just cucumber peels. That’s it. That’s all. I was peeling cucumbers,” I responded, while I de-gunked my face.