Helping ADD Kids to Cope with Bullying

Fitting in” is so important to kids. They don’t see at their young age that being different can be good. It takes time for them to learn this, so peer relationships and socialization is the biggest hurdle that kids with ADD must overcome.

Many kids are unwilling to extend a hand in friendship to the “different” kid, so many times children with ADD feel isolated and alone.

Smoking and Sports

Most everyone now agrees that smoking cigarettes is very harmful. That’s not news. But, because it can take many years for some of the major effects to inflict the body, young people often feel they can go ahead and smoke now and not worry about the consequences until much later.

Donating Blood Post 4

People with blood pressure this low are not very common. Normal blood pressure is 12080, but may be as low as 9060. These numbers refer to the pressure when the heart is pumping (systolic pressure – the first number), and when the heart is resting between beats (diastolic pressure – the second number). People whose blood pressure is consistently below normal (for instance, 9060) are more likely to pass out from donating blood. However, if you take your time to rest and eat cookies before you leave, you should be fine. If you’re going to feint, it will be in those first 15 minutes after donating.

Donating Blood Post 3

The needles used to take blood are not like the sewing needles your mom has at home. These needles must have a hollow center large enough to allow blood to pass quickly, therefore they are a little bit frightening in their size. Believe it or not, they do not hurt any more than any other needles. If the thought of a big needle scares you, a good tip would be not to look at what the nurse is doing as she prepares you and inserts the needle. Most nurses will verbally coach you as they go, telling you what they’re doing and why, so that there are no surprises and hopefully to keep you at ease. It is usually the anticipation of getting stuck with a big needle that scares people; most nurses are adept at distracting you with their conversation and inserting the needle so quickly that you won’t realize it’s happening until it’s done!

Training Approaches & Applications

After your program has been planned, special concern must be directed to the time and energy you’ll expend to perform your routine. On the whole, the total number of “sets” to be performed with each exercise should be between 2 and 5.