Compelling content draws on-line attention

One of the key business strategies for entrepreneurs to consider is how to use the Internet as a tool to market their goods or services.

Marketing is always a challenge for a small business — it can be a real struggle to build awareness about your company, products and services.

Exercise Response to Elliptical Trainers

Each year, new, innovative exercise machines are developed to try to capture the popularity in this multi-million-dollar fitness industry. One of the latest products on the market is the class of machines called elliptical trainers. With elliptical trainers, the lower body motion is a cross between an upright stationary cycle and a stepper, except that the feet move in an egg-shaped, or elliptical pattern, as opposed to a circular path. Since the feet never leave the footpads, ground reaction or impact forces in the feet are purported to be lower, resulting in fewer orthopedic injuries to the lower extremities. This is good news for the large number of people who are looking for a high-intensity, low-impact substitute to jogging. While the popularity of elliptical trainers has virtually exploded, research on their benefits is relatively scarce.

Award finalists, Part 2

Mapping the responses helps AlliedSignal fitness employees pinpoint customer requirements and incorporate changes into the center’s programs, Haskins says. Results of surveys, suggestion box comments and program goals are posted on a bulletin board to show members the staff is committed to improving customer service.

Award finalists, Part 1

Only seven of these 27 finalists will win Fitness Management’s highest annual award for innovation, but many of their ideas could make you a winner if you carefully adapt them to your fitness facility.

Prostate Cancer: What Happens

Prostate cancer usually grows slowly. Therefore, most older men with prostate cancer do not die any sooner than men without prostate cancer. They generally die from other health problems before their prostate cancer can kill them.