Daily Induction Dosing

Preliminary Results of International Trial

Speaking at the satellite symposium (see p 1), Dr. Stephanos Hadziyannis (Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece) presented preliminary data from an ongoing multicenter, international, open-label clinical trial designed to evaluate the efficacy of daily induction dosing with IFN alfa-2b in previously untreated (naive) patients infected with HCV.

Train Smart, Train Safe

Effective “coaches” who understand the science of cycling will motivate your members and maximize the success of your group cycling program.

Natural HGH – The Natural Edge

As more and more people have learned how valuable naturally occurring hgh can be, a wide variety of HGH products have become available. These are mouth sprays, tablets, needles, homoeopathic and Natural Hgh items, herbal and powders items all of which are made to be a great mix of strong amino acid releasers that spark up the pituitary gland to make higher amounts of the all critical substance for long term development and the best human functioning.

Wellness Face to Face

The staff at the Miami Valley Hospital Wellness Center firmly believes in bringing wellness to the people. Each month, the staff designates a new health-promotion theme and distributes related literature and self-care items to hospital employees. While this may not sound innovative in itself, the fact that it’s done while dressed in costume adds an entertaining twist.

Brian Responded, So Nothing Happened

“Nothing happened at all.”

So, Ted said it was a long story and that nothing happened.

I perceived Ted’s response to be something other than a denial. I heard someone who thought that a situation had been worked out and that he simply did not want to go into detail about Ghandia’s business. I actually thought that Ted took the high road. He respected her privacy.