Wind Chimes

What you’ll need:
1-inch x 6-inch strip of tri-wall cardboard
Large nail
Markers (optional)
Five metal washers, can lids, nails or other metal objects
Five 12-inch lengths of yarn
One 24-inch length of yarn

Making a wind chime gives children the opportunity to create a simple design.

It also gives parents the opportunity to teach children how to use a hammer safely, and to discuss the connections between the wind and the seasons.

What to do:
1. Mark five evenly spaced dots along the bottom of the cardboard strip.
2. Make a large hole through the cardboard at each dot with a hammer and nail.
3. Decorate the cardboard with markers if desired.
4. Tie the metal objects to the cardboard with the 12″ lengths of yarn.
5. Make holes in the upper corners of the cardboard and tie the longer length of yarn through for a hanger.

Hang the wind chimes on a porch or near an open window.

30-Day Contact Lenses Coming Soon

Expert advisors to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended the approval of 30-day extended wear contact lenses made by Ciba.

The Ophthalmic Devices Panel’s vote signals that the extended wear lenses may soon be available in the US. The Focus Night and Day lenses would be the first 30-day lenses available in this country.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Perimenopause

Often, patients are surprised when I explain that hormone replacement therapy typically contains lower dosages of estrogen and progestin (synthetic progesterone) than does oral contraception. A typical dose of standard hormone replacement therapy is 0.625 milligrams of conjugated equine estrogen taken orally, which is equivalent to 0.05 milligrams 17 B-estradiol patch or 5 milligrams ethinyl estradiol taken orally. In comparison, a very low-dose oral contraceptive contains 20 milligrams of ethinyl estradiol, or four times that found in a typical standard hormone replacement dose given to a post-menopausal woman.

Net Access

OVERSTATED: Cable Modems
They drive big mergers involving companies such as AT&T, Excite, and @Home, and have been touted as the savior of peasants toiling under oppressive 56K modems. And they get all the press. But are we getting carried away?

Five Presentation Musts for a Successful Job Interview

Everyone knows job interviews are important. But few job seekers know what information they must present in the meeting. Accomplish these during your job interviews, and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting a job offer:

Make a positive impression. Show up for interviews on time. Dress appropriately. Demonstrate a firm handshake. From that point, it’s all about your presentation. With every question you ask and answer, your words, tone, and body language tell a story. Before each interview, research the interviewer’s industry, company, and position; this will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to ask great questions and give impressive answers. Remember also to demonstrate your listening skills, show flexibility, and convey excitement.

Meet Dr. Joshua A. Copel

Dr. Joshua A. Copel entered Tufts Medical School in 1975 thinking he’d like to become a psychiatrist. But after experiencing the exhilaration of delivering babies, he knew he’d be happier in obstetrics and gynecology. However, in the feminist atmosphere of Boston in the ’70s, a man going into obstetrics was not considered politically correct.

Health Clubs Assuming their Rightful Place

As a result of the current restrictions on healthcare, consumers have begun to assume responsibility for their own health by taking preventive measures through exercise and alternative care options. However, the lack of both know-how and confidence to make health-related decisions has created a demand for leadership in this area. This is where health clubs enter.