The Grace of Giving

If we could clone my girlfriend MaryAnn, the world would be a far kinder, gentler, better place.
A couple of weeks ago, one of MaryAnn’s stepdaughters got married. The entire affair was a tribute to the kind of love, sharing and caring (not to mention organizational skills) that she brings to anything she’s connected with. First, there was the mother of the bride, alone except for her sister at the wedding. MaryAnn made sure she was escorted down the aisle by a handsome young man — one of Mary Ann’s two sons.

How would you describe Phentermine. Part 2

Who shouldn’t take Phentermine?
Preventing drug interactions is important when taking Phentermine, a stimulant of the central nervous system. Your medical history, along with any use of alcohol or drugs, has to be discussed by your physician and you prior to starting treatment with Phentermine. The chances of having side effects that are serious can be caused by a failure to do this.

How would you describe Phentermine. Part 1

Since 1959, Phentermine is the most widely used weight loss pill as it successfully keeps the weight off.

10 Ways for Men to Live to 100, Part 3

Do a crossword puzzle — The brain needs exercise just like the body. Longevity is positively correlated with the degree of a person’s education and the degree to which they are still involved with intellectual activities, according to Duke University longitudinal studies on aging.

10 Ways for Men to Live to 100, Part 2

Married men apparently depend on their wives for more than dinner. “Men tend to focus all of their social ability on their wives,” Silver said. “Because of this, they tend to remarry or die the year after they are widowed.”

10 Ways for Men to Live to 100, Part 1

George Burns outlived his leading lady, Gracie Allen, even after sucking on that cigar for a century. But his story is rare. Of the estimated 50,000 people in the United States who have celebrated a 100th birthday, only 10 percent are men, according to The New England Centenarian Study done by Harvard Medical School. They may be stronger and leaner, but when it comes to longevity, men fall about six years behind women.

Waging War Against Bacteria, Part 2

It works like this: A threat (the antibiotic) kills most of the cells in a community of bacteria leaving behind a handful of microbes that possess the genetic variations that allowed them to survive the threat. These mutants — now free to reproduce in great numbers — take over the community and become the norm, passing their protective mutations to the next generation.

Waging War Against Bacteria, Part 1

If you catch a cold or the flu this season, you can expect advice and sympathy from your doctor, but don’t expect a prescription for an antibiotic. Inappropriate use of antibiotics in the past has helped create a new generation of superbugs, microbes with evolved resistance mechanisms to an increasing number of available antibiotics. There are two ways to slow down the pace of microbial evolution: stop prescribing antibiotics to treat viral infections, and develop new antibiotics to which bacteria are not resistant.

Is Colonoscopy Prep “Terrible”?

Q.I’ve heard the preparation for a colonoscopy is terrible. Can you tell me what is involved? I know that the bowel must be cleaned before the test. How is this done? Please be specific.