How Important is it for me to send my Front Desk or Sales Staff to Workshops or Seminars?

Professional staff certifications for fitness staff require continuing education in order to maintain the certification. The reason for this is simple: It keeps the fitness professional up to date on the latest information available.

Steve’s Journal: Week Two

Sharon and Armand,
Overall, this was a good week. The Super Bowl party was difficult, but compared to last year I was way down on overall consumption. I seem to be in a good routine. I’m not too hungry all of the time. The biggest challenge is when I am out at a party or entertaining.

Lisa’s Journal

I finally lost another pound, which is becoming a huge victory every time it happens. I know that losing weight is only going to get harder as I get older. What put me in this philosophical mood was my 38th birthday, which was Wednesday. I had a great, quiet evening with some friends, and we planned the details of our upcoming trip to the beach at South Carolina.