Battling Burnout. Part 1

Are you feeling depressed and experiencing a lack of energy? Have you lost interest in the things that appealed to you in the past? You may be experiencing burnout.

Burnout is a term that originated in the 1980s, but is still very much applicable today. Burnout is total dedication and total commitment to goals which can no longer be defined. We know that we are heading for burnout when we are being pushed, or even pushing ourselves, at higher speeds to unknown destinations.

The answer to burnout is getting your life back into balance by pulling your own strings. Many people slip into the practice of being regulated by others rather than taking charge of their own lives. How do you get back on track? Read on for some tips to help you bounce back and avoid becoming manipulated by others.

1) Do some detective work. Try to pinpoint what is causing these feelings. Is there a specific activity or time of day when you feel “down and out?” Remedy this situation, if possible.

2) Learn to say “no.” Don’t be afraid to tell people that you are busy and can’t help them right now. Continually overextending yourself prevents you from doing your best on any project.

3) Plan fun outings. At the beginning of each month, plan a fun outing for the end of each week. These outings will give you something to look forward to throughout the week.

Every person should learn basic first aid techniques. it is difficult to know at what time you might need them – your loved one, you could be on holiday, at work, at home, at school.