My Survivor Finale Day in the City. Part 5

A few observations:

Teresa Cooper is just adorable in every way: looks AND personality.
Richard Hatch is taller than expected and much more aloof.
Ethan Zohn has that star quality presence. He’s shorter than expected and VERY skinny.

My Survivor Finale Day in the City. Part 4

So it was a big relief when people knew of me. And a lot of them did. Take, for example, another of my all-time favorites: Kelly Goldsmith. (I wrote a profile of her which includes an interview with a Sorority Babe. Go read it. It’s a lot of fun.)

My Survivor Finale Day in the City. Part 3

No, after our brief conversation, I shook her hand, gave her a sincere smile, and left it at that. She was very nice and maybe just a little unsure as to how to handle a short line of fans piling up behind me. And she smoked. Ugh.

My Survivor Finale Day in the City. Part 2

Well, to my surprise, The Manly Man was a hit. People actually enjoyed my crap. (For a visit down memory lane, check out my Survivor Index Page and scroll down to the bottom left. Be warned: If an article was written by The Manly Man, they’re more humorous, but they’re definitely written by my fictional alter ego. Also, you’ll surely enjoy the prediction duels between The Unbelievable Bloombergini and The Manly Man.)

My Survivor Finale Day in the City. Part 1

As we were leaving the Survivor Finale, having noticed how I took notes throughout the entire show, my companion, Amanda, asked, “So, do you have plenty to write about?”

Net Access

OVERSTATED: Cable Modems
They drive big mergers involving companies such as AT&T, Excite, and @Home, and have been touted as the savior of peasants toiling under oppressive 56K modems. And they get all the press. But are we getting carried away?

Five Presentation Musts for a Successful Job Interview

Everyone knows job interviews are important. But few job seekers know what information they must present in the meeting. Accomplish these during your job interviews, and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting a job offer:

Make a positive impression. Show up for interviews on time. Dress appropriately. Demonstrate a firm handshake. From that point, it’s all about your presentation. With every question you ask and answer, your words, tone, and body language tell a story. Before each interview, research the interviewer’s industry, company, and position; this will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to ask great questions and give impressive answers. Remember also to demonstrate your listening skills, show flexibility, and convey excitement.

Daily Induction Dosing

Preliminary Results of International Trial

Speaking at the satellite symposium (see p 1), Dr. Stephanos Hadziyannis (Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece) presented preliminary data from an ongoing multicenter, international, open-label clinical trial designed to evaluate the efficacy of daily induction dosing with IFN alfa-2b in previously untreated (naive) patients infected with HCV.

Compelling content draws on-line attention

One of the key business strategies for entrepreneurs to consider is how to use the Internet as a tool to market their goods or services.

Marketing is always a challenge for a small business — it can be a real struggle to build awareness about your company, products and services.

Net plans need strategy first and technology second

I recently received a lovely brochure from a major telecommunications company, trumpeting the fact that they offered “the ‘most complete suite of services for business ready to integrate the Internet into their corporate activities.'”