Teeth Whitening. Methods and Results

Many people spend lots of money on teeth whitening treatments in an attempt to whiten their teeth in as short a time as possible.

Teeth whitening methods help lighten discolored teeth and eliminate stains that have formed on teeth over a number of years. While considering the various teeth whitening choices that are available, you must be certain that your choice won’t damage your teeth by stripping or weakening your enamel. Although not all the kinds of teeth whitening methods are equally effective, if each procedure is performed correctly, some stains will be removed and your teeth will be brighter.

Bleaching is an option you may want to consider if you want your teeth to appear whiter. A moldable tray should be utilized if you decide to try this teeth whitening technique. This will help ensure that only your teeth will be exposed to the whitening agent and you will not swallow it.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the primary ingredients contained in these products. It works in conjunction with the rest of the ingredients to erase the stains on your teeth. Within a month you may see an improvement in the color of your teeth if you use this teeth whitening product. Other teeth whitening procedures can produce satisfactory results in approximately 7 days. Most of the time these are put on your teeth before going to sleep and then rinsed off when you wake up.