Scoliosis When to Call a Doctor

Call your family doctor if:
School screening programs recommend referral to a doctor.
A spinal curve is observed.

Stretching Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility

Principles for stretching:
Warm up 5 minutes before you stretch
Stretch before and after your workout
Avoid bouncy movements
Stretch your whole body with a variety of slow, gentle movements
Stretch till you feel tension, not pain
Hold the stretch a few seconds each
Repeat each stretch three or four times

Protect Small Fry From CT Scans

The Food and Drug Administration has issued new recommendations to reduce the risk of radiation exposure for children and small adults undergoing CT scanning.

The new guidelines call for: adjustments to the CT scanner based on the patient’s size, lowering the total number of scans, and using other diagnostic tools whenever possible.

Detox Patches: New Product to Detoxification

As more wellness programs and alternative medications flood the market, they have introduced some very interesting new products. This has resonated with many people, because they are more aware that illness and disease can be caused by environmental toxins that they are exposed to on a daily basis. A host of ailments, usually found in the liver, are caused by the accumulation of dangerous toxins that are found flowing through our circulatory systems.

Detox Patches, also named Sap Sheets, are some of the most compelling products in existence today, as they promise to greatly aid in the removal of undesirable chemicals from our body. The main ingredients of these patches are vinegars that are extracted from the Ubame Oak and bamboo. Once the patches are attached to the soles of the feet, they suck out the toxins and waste from the body. The body’s metabolism and blood circulation will also improve.

The Japanese were the first creators of Detox Patches as an alternative medicine. Unobstructed blood circulation is the basic foundation of Japanese medicine, which promotes wellbeing and good health for people. Another belief is that diseases are caused by an imbalance of a man’s constitution and the environment.