How would you describe Phentermine. Part 2

Who shouldn’t take Phentermine?
Preventing drug interactions is important when taking Phentermine, a stimulant of the central nervous system. Your medical history, along with any use of alcohol or drugs, has to be discussed by your physician and you prior to starting treatment with Phentermine. The chances of having side effects that are serious can be caused by a failure to do this.

How would you describe Phentermine. Part 1

Since 1959, Phentermine is the most widely used weight loss pill as it successfully keeps the weight off.

Weight Loss Diet. You Should be Aware

There is no shortage of fad diets and weight loss plans, and they all share one common trait. They say they can tell precisely how you can take it off. Actually there are few, if any, fad diets that can provide any real benefit when it comes to weight loss and, tragically, some may actually be unhealthy or even dangerous.