Wind Chimes

What you’ll need:
1-inch x 6-inch strip of tri-wall cardboard
Large nail
Markers (optional)
Five metal washers, can lids, nails or other metal objects
Five 12-inch lengths of yarn
One 24-inch length of yarn

Making a wind chime gives children the opportunity to create a simple design.

It also gives parents the opportunity to teach children how to use a hammer safely, and to discuss the connections between the wind and the seasons.

What to do:
1. Mark five evenly spaced dots along the bottom of the cardboard strip.
2. Make a large hole through the cardboard at each dot with a hammer and nail.
3. Decorate the cardboard with markers if desired.
4. Tie the metal objects to the cardboard with the 12″ lengths of yarn.
5. Make holes in the upper corners of the cardboard and tie the longer length of yarn through for a hanger.

Hang the wind chimes on a porch or near an open window.

Brian Responded, So Nothing Happened

“Nothing happened at all.”

So, Ted said it was a long story and that nothing happened.

I perceived Ted’s response to be something other than a denial. I heard someone who thought that a situation had been worked out and that he simply did not want to go into detail about Ghandia’s business. I actually thought that Ted took the high road. He respected her privacy.

Survivor the Final Episode

Tina won.

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to say, something wise, something witty. But I just can’t come up with anything.

Garbage Post 2

“Cucumber peels. Just cucumber peels. That’s it. That’s all. I was peeling cucumbers,” I responded, while I de-gunked my face.

Garbage Post 1

Last night, my wonderful new garbage disposal barfed on me.
I was a mess. After all, I had been spat upon. I was outraged.

Woody Allen once did a comic monologue about his small appliances being Anti-Semitic. At first I decided to blame Arab terrorists, but it didn’t help. We are an interdenominational household. Likely my Insinkerator is not a bigot. But we’ve all been more than a bit raw at anything unexpected of late.

People Are The Most Important Asset Post 4

The quality journey brought our people together in a way that was truly remarkable. We really are better now than we were at the start of the quality process. The company is more focused and better organized, people understand what they’re doing better and we’re able to attract a better quality of customer. Our customers are more pleased, and morale is up.

People Are The Most Important Asset Post 3

These assessments were designed to help our people take ownership of finding process improvements. Techniques such as process mapping and customer scorecards pointed out where we could improve processes, cut costs and deliver better services.

People Are The Most Important Asset Post 2

The Porter Model of strategic planning also was a catalyst for DCC’s awakening, identifying our strengths and vulnerabilities versus our competitors. The Porter Model which uses SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, enabled DCC’s senior management to identify an approach to providing value-added products and services to our customers. The strategic planning process also showed us how a knowledge-based customer focus could be a competitive advantage.

People Are The Most Important Asset Post 1

To achieve business excellence, a company must look beyond revenues, profits and dividends. In today’s competitive environment, the key to achieving quality is to maximize the potential of your organization’s people — transforming them from taskmasters to business partners.

Create a Business

It is the earliest of all early adapters; it is the backbone of all new communications media, whenever they were new. Human paints on rock; human makes picture of boy and girl doing dirty stuff. Human invents movable type; human puts out small pamphlet about a poor, unsophisticated country girl who comes to the city and, forsooth, kind sir, you are unclothed!