Making It Work With His Mom

History is replete with stories about wicked mothers-in-law. Comedians have launched careers around the topic. An old quote from the British weekly magazine Punch reads: “A Mother-in-law is like the dry rot; far easier to get into a house than to get out again.”
There is a fundamental reason why the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship is fraught with potential problems: You and his mom feel intense love for the same man. And she is painfully aware that her relationship with her son will change forever because you are now in the picture!

Variety the Spice of Art!

What makes the difference between boring art and art that grabs (and holds) your attention? Often, it is variety: in color, size, texture, shape, form. Young children easily tune in to the idea of variety in the basic elements of art. Here are a few tips to alert children to variety:

Shape. Shapes are everywhere. Identify simple shapes first, so children know what they are looking for. Then admire works by Picasso, Klee, Matisse or Mondrian. Children can try their hand with similar style patterns, tearing or cutting their own paper pieces and gluing them.

Bill Joy’s Mobile Office

Though America formally broke off with the queen more than 200 years ago, there’s still a spot in the United States where — for the tech world at least — a queen still reigns supreme. Nestled in the Rocky Mountain town of Aspen, Colo., a ski lift called the Silver Queen Gondola rises off Durant Street and hoists ski bums and ski bunnies 19 times daily to and from the 7,900-foot base of Aspen Mountain and its 11,200-foot summit.

Finding the Right Debt Level

I know it’s bad to have too high of an available credit limit, regardless of your actual debt. Everything I’ve read, though, has been pretty vague about exactly how much is too much. Is there any sort of formula, e.g., two months’ worth of net pay?

Fancy Pants

I have some holiday cocktail parties coming up and I hate wearing skirts and dresses. How can I dress up pants — and what type of pants should I buy — for dressy holiday occasions? Any tips on accessories?

Chivalry, Take Two . Part 2

Kate shows us that a woman can be strong and successful, in her profession, but still find something lacking in life. It’s great to live in a modern world where a woman has the resources and respect needed to build a knockout re’sume’, nab the corner office, and be a powerbroker who wows clients and intimidates adversaries. But that same strong woman can also expect a man to treat her with deference and respect based on the fact that she is, of all things, a lady. There’s nothing inherently weak in a woman who appreciates having a man open a door, or send flowers, or defend her against the unwanted advances of other men.

Chivalry, Take Two . Part 1

Imagine you’re a slick, single, thirty-something New Yorker with a chic little hairdo and the newest Palm pilot. As a successful, driven marketing executive you float through life in a haze of glamour. Days are spent pacing your glass-walled office, as your gaze wanders over Central Park and you bark commands at your personal assistant. Lunches are sophisticated affairs with your clients, and you dine on endive in raspberry vinaigrette while soliloquizing about marketing test groups and customer satisfaction rates. At the end of the day you return to a stylishly undone apartment, uncork a good chardonnay, and realize … you’re all alone.

Pheromone Sprays are Useful Tool

Many males in today’s world are utilizing pheromones to attract women. Of course you’ve encountered ads online and in publications claiming to lure women like moths to a flame with a scent that can’t be detected. Of course you will probably speculate whether it is real or just an advertising buildup.