There has Been so Much Debate over Spanking

Parents do agree that discipline is the key to well-mannered kids, and it teaches them rules to live by in our society. Spanking is a hard debate because there is a fine line between punishment and discipline. Discipline means “to teach,” while punishment means to punish for bad or “inappropriate” behavior. Sometimes parents get these two confused. Parents face serious consequences today if they go overboard with punishment, i.e., spanking.

The Grace of Giving

If we could clone my girlfriend MaryAnn, the world would be a far kinder, gentler, better place.
A couple of weeks ago, one of MaryAnn’s stepdaughters got married. The entire affair was a tribute to the kind of love, sharing and caring (not to mention organizational skills) that she brings to anything she’s connected with. First, there was the mother of the bride, alone except for her sister at the wedding. MaryAnn made sure she was escorted down the aisle by a handsome young man — one of Mary Ann’s two sons.

Awakening Spring

Even as winter lies still on the ground
The air starts to turn as the seasons go round.
A lightness develops as the dark hour recedes;
Mother Earth’s soft embrace gently nurtures Her seeds.

Helping ADD Kids to Cope with Bullying

Fitting in” is so important to kids. They don’t see at their young age that being different can be good. It takes time for them to learn this, so peer relationships and socialization is the biggest hurdle that kids with ADD must overcome.

Many kids are unwilling to extend a hand in friendship to the “different” kid, so many times children with ADD feel isolated and alone.

Smoking and Sports

Most everyone now agrees that smoking cigarettes is very harmful. That’s not news. But, because it can take many years for some of the major effects to inflict the body, young people often feel they can go ahead and smoke now and not worry about the consequences until much later.