Infected Disk in the Spine. Part 2

Other types of bacteria can cause this infection. Intravenous drug users sometimes get infection with Pseudomonas, a group of bacteria that is particularly difficult to treat. Vertebral osteomyelitis can also follow urinary and prostate infections, particularly in the elderly. Mycobacterium tuberculosis can cause vertebral osteomyelitis, a syndrome known as Pott’s disease. This frequently involves the vertebrae of the thorax (upper back), rather than the lumbar region, though any area can be involved. Like typical bacterial osteomyelitis, there are often no signs of infection outside the spine.

A.Osteomyelitis of the spine is usually treated with medication, but surgery is performed if the spine is unstable or if there are abscesses that require drainage. Otherwise, a long course of antibiotic, given intravenously, is usually sufficient for cure. Spinal tuberculosis is treated with the same regimen used for typical pulmonary (lung) TB — six months or more of oral antibiotics.

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