Water and Weight Loss

Water works! We all know to we are suppose to drink water … but do you know why it helps with weight loss? Here’s why.

Water, water, water. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, fitness and health experts cannot emphasize enough the importance of sufficient water intake on a daily basis. Why is water necessary to promote health and help in weight loss?

Like proper nutrition, water is a vital element in sustaining the health of your body. The body is compromised of mostly water, 80% water! Water helps your body to rid itself of waste; it “flushes” waste out.

Water will also aid in weight loss, not only does it keep your hunger level low by giving a feeling of fullness, but drinking the recommended amount of water helps to relieve excess fluid/water retention. Drink less then the recommended amount and the body’s automatic response is to “hold” onto fluid/water and your bodily functions and elimination of waste will be not function at full potential. Constipation occurs frequently when water intake is low.

Your health care professionals will recommend water intake be optimal as part of treatment when a client has an infection, as a way of helping the body rid itself of the culprit and perhaps to aid in the elimination of antibiotics or medications that may have been prescribed.

There may be times when on a nutritional weight reduction menu that you feel anxious, you really don’t know what you want so you rummage through the pantry and refrigerator but nothing to eat seems right, try water, don’t fall into a binge!

Over the years we learn to ignore our cravings for water. Think about it, as a small child pulling on mommy or daddy, and pleading, “I’m thirsty!” and being told, “not now in a minute.”

So how much is the right amount to drink? During most reduction programs, it is recommended to drink a minimum of eight, 10-ounce glasses of water. When maintaining a healthy diet, and maintaining a lean weight, an average of 60 ounces of water a day is recommended. Here are some tips as to how you might achieve this, its not as bad as you might think!

Add a fresh lemon squeeze to your water, it tastes better and fresh lemon juice has a natural diuretic effect.

Keep a full glass of water in the refrigerator at eye level, every time you open the fridge in search of food when its not time to eat, drink the water or at least half, then refill it for the next time.

Keep water bottles in the freezer overnight, and enjoy ice-cold water, throughout the next day. Some healthcare experts believe that drinking water that is cold aids in increasing metabolism, since the body must work to bring the water to body temperature.

Drink a glass of water before and after meals.

If you really can’t stand water, try drinking decaffeinated naturally sweetened (no sugar added) teas. Recent studies have shown drinking green tea aids in weight loss.

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